• Status Factory Records Recommends vinyl at Record Collector

    June 8, 2015

    We’re joining other specialist vinyl sellers with vinyl from Fall Electric, SpaceManAntics, Felicity Groom, Hideous Sun Demon, The Floors and some other select artists that we recommend on June 21 at the Rosemount Hotel as part of Record Collector, a day for record collectors.

    Come check Record Collector – a day for lovers of second hand and new music releases – on vinyl! Thousands of years have rolled around, songs were shared in two-bit towns, over fires, in desert plains, and in cobblestone streets, but nothing was as yet recorded for listening. Warp drive to the minute, recorded music will soon be 99% streamed from the hard drives of Silicon Valley etc. but on the periphery of this relatively young culture of audio recordings, there’s an artifact that has seen bolstered and subsequently increased sales – the vinyl record. If you love music culture then you love vinyl, but there’s one thing missing … a selector. Without a specialist the information is near infinite – bring me my selector! A whole series of record collectors have been hand picked to open up their cases and boxes to sell on some of their classic wares.

    Record Collector features Perth’s favourite record sellers including Moogy’s Mobile, Microgrooves, Sgt Pepper’s and more still to be announced along with a select collection of local vinyl and turntables.

    RTR FM’s one and only DJ Sandy, an East London boy who was in fact born in the same hospital as Billy Brag, a few years apart mind you, and who’s selections Donald Rumsfeld would refer to as ‘unknown unknowns’ will be simmering the day away with his sweet catalogue.

    It’s from 11am to 4pm with free entry, a full menu and bar available all day, listening stations and most importantly excellent vibes.

    For more information on Record Collector, visit the facebook page.

  • Fall Electric support Abbe’s May

    May 20, 2015

    Abbe May is developing her forthcoming fifth album “Bitchcraft” by performing new tracks plus hits from past albums in front of an audience to prepare for an upcoming haul in the studio to record it all every Wednesday in May at Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle. This is a unique experience for all and a chance to watch this great artist in the process of creating a brilliant album. Her shows are supported by very, very special guests and tonight is our very own Fall Electric alongside Lucy Peach!

    Tickets on door from 8.

    Event info here.

  • Status Factory Records Recommends – 002

    April 24, 2015

    We have our second Status Factory Recommends happening on Sunday, May 17 at Mojo’s Bar in North Fremantle, and boy oh boy is it a goodun of beating/pulsing/dreaming/electronicing/guitaring/drumming angelicness! Entry is $10 from 4pm and the lineup consists of the below goodness;

    Laurel Fixation (4:20-4:50)
    **Heavenly omni present folk dreaming

    Sam Atkin (5:10-5:40)
    **Watery knowledge music

    Atripat (6:00-6:30)
    **Perfect textured liberated electronic music

    Chris Cobilis w/ Yenting Hsu (6:50-7:10)
    **Edited Field recordings

    Alzabo (7:30-8:00)
    **Onslaught is an understatement from this guitar & drum duo

    Rachael Dease duo (8:20-8:50)
    **Rachael is an angel of bright light & darkness.

    ASSAD (9:10-9:45)
    **Ben from My Disco’s electronic beat-pulse & drone project.

  • Fall Electric – Interior – 12″ LP Launch

    February 20, 2015

    Fall Electric’s 12″ LP launch of Interior is happening at the Rosemount Hotel on March 6th with support coming in the form of Mt Mountain and Slums with more to be announced! Check out the event page here for more information. There has been a great reaction to the single ‘Over You’, the lovely people at Tone Deaf premiered the track and Fall Electric have seen some great blog reaction from Electric Sound of Joy, Bucket Full of Nails, Indie Music Heart Beat, and more! Their music has been described as “slightly sinister open country” to “bridging the gap between Radiohead’s electronic theatrics and War on Drugs’ unfurled guitar heroics … creat[ing] a wholly original sound”. You can listen to ‘Over You’ and pre-order the limited edition 12″ LP here.

  • We have arrived!

    February 1, 2015

    We’re so excited to become a piece of the mosaic that is the independent music scene today, and contribute to it by doing what we can to get music out there that we know has to happen.

  • Debut Status Factory Records Release: Fall Electric

    Fall Electric release their sophomore album Interior, March 7th, on Status Factory Records. The guys will be celebrating this release in their hometown Perth on March 6th at the Rosemount Hotel. Interior is available for vinyl and digital pre-order from the Status Factory Records Bandcamp, along with Fall Electric’s single ‘Over You’ available for download now.

  • Status Factory recommends

    You can check out the music that Status Factory Records is all about at Status Factory Recommends happening at the Rosemount Hotel on February 13th. The current line-up includes the dynamic shoe-gaze harmonics of Runner, dream pop quartet the Flower Drums, the ornate brilliance of Golden String, luscious lady of song Felicity Groom, garage surf poppers Gunns, and psychedelic soft rockers Eleventeen Eston & The Conversation, with more to be announced. Tickets are $10 on the door from 7pm.